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How can I market CBD in the UK?

The rules around marketing CBD in the UK can be confusing. CBD is legal in the UK, and there is a growing bank of evidence to show the benefits of using CBD for a myriad of things, from pain management to sleep issues and anxiety. However, this doesn’t stop the powers that make it hard for those selling it.

Marketing CBD on Facebook


Facebook’s policy is that:

“Ads must not promote the sale or use of illicit or recreational drugs, or other unsafe substances, products or supplements, as determined by Meta in its sole discretion.”

And while most people wouldn’t see CBD as a drug, Facebook seems to.

But all is still possible; you can get around these seemingly hard and fast rules if you are careful. You can run ads that mention CBD as long as they are informative rather than focusing on sales and as long as the landing page is educational and does not allow people to buy directly from there.

We have seen people having success on Facebook ads by mentioning hemp rather than CBD, and of course, don’t claim that CBD can cure anything!

Be careful; too many flags on your ad account and Facebook have no issues closing it down and blocking you from running any ads.

If you need help marketing your CBD brand, contact us, and we’ll work with you to get your brand seen!

Marketing CBD on Instagram


Because Instagram and Facebook are both part of Meta, the rule is the same;

“Ads must not promote the sale or use of illicit or recreational drugs, or other unsafe substances, products or supplements, as determined by Meta in its sole discretion.”

Try to create ads that do not mention CBD, or if they do, ensure the landing page doesn’t allow the sale of CBD and is focused on informing people about CBD and its potential benefits. Again, this does come with risks, so be careful about what you are saying and where you are sending people. If your ads are approved, it doesn’t mean they won’t be disapproved afterwards! You also risk having your ad account shut down if you don’t play by the rules!

Instagram is a great platform to harness influencers. Look into content creators whose audiences are within your target market and who can promote your brand. This will allow you to reach new people you may not have organically.

If you want to run your CBD ads on Instagram but aren’t sure where to start, email us to see how we can help!

Marketing CBD on Google


Google’s stance is pretty clear;

Unapproved substances
Google doesn’t allow the promotion of the following content, irrespective of any claims of legality:

All items on this non-exhaustive list of prohibited pharmaceuticals and supplements.”

As you can see, Cannabidiol is featured on the list, meaning Google does not allow the promotion of it!

However, you have probably seen that people can get around Google’s rules. So, what’s the catch?

Before you start with Google ads, it is worth noting the risks that come with it. If you try to get around Google’s policies, you risk having your account closed completely.

If you think Google ads are the way to go after creating a separate account for your CBD ads, here are some things worth trying.

  • Avoid using CBD and hemp-related keywords in your ad. We recommend using alternative words for the products you are offering (plant-based remedy, natural relief)
  • Create landing pages that have no reference to CBD where your ad can lead to
  • If the landing page is still causing your ads to be disallowed, try removing any links to your shoppable website from your landing page.
  • If Google approves your CBD ad, wait a couple of days before adding any link to your website from your gated landing page (otherwise, you risk having it removed!)


Organic SEO

Focus on the content of your website. Create full, informative pages that help your customers make informed decisions.

The better the content, the higher Google will rank you. Bringing in organic traffic is an excellent way of making sales. SEO is the long game, but one that shouldn’t be ignored!