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TheraTears® eye drops relieve dry, tired, itchy, red or irritated eyes with a range of specially formulated drops designed to soothe, rehydrate and revitalise


Social Media Management

We hit the ground running in 2023, starting a new TikTok, Instagram and Facebook page for TheraTears UK. Starting with no following, the plan was to run social ads and collaborate with influencers to raise brand awareness.


PPC & Paid Social

After extensive keyword research, we started a Google Ads campaign. We also regularly run Facebook ads to support current promotions and offers. 

To effectively track engagement, we built new landing pages with links to retailers.



We split our budget between Facebook ads and TikTok. We used our budget to run UGC in collaboration with influencers on TikTok. In 3 months, we reached 1.1 million people on TikTok, with 34,000 clicks to our destination.


Networks Used

Digital Strategy for

Healthcare Pharma Medical

An optimised strategy across all digital channels


Our creative approach

Along with graphics our team created internally, we worked with influencers to gain User Generated Content which we pushed as ads to drive awareness and engagement.

Our results in



monthly TikTok impressions

Our Tiktok content, combined with our use of influencers reached over 350 thousand users

0 %

increase in landing page views

TikTok ads increased landing page views by 1000%


reach on Facebook

Our advertising and organic content reached over 3.5 million people on Facebook


landing page clicks

Our Facebook and Instagram ads resulted in over 30 thousand clicks to our landing pages


reach on Instagram

Our advertising and organic content reached over 1.1 million people on Instagram

0 %

increase in website sessions

Google ads and Social Media ad campaign increased website sessions by 1800%