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Flarin is a unique lipid-formulated ibuprofen designed to be absorbed in the small intestine


Optimising a complete digital marketing strategy to align with TV and print


Social Media Management

In 2018, Flarin enlisted our help to drive their organic social media with regular posting and consistent messaging. 

Since then, we have worked to align the social strategy to time with the TV advertisements to get the most impact. 


PPC & Paid Social

Proving ROI was important to our client and something we always want to show where we can. 

We utilised Google ads, Bing ads, and paid social media advertisements to push the brand’s message, encourage sales and increase impressions.


Website Design

To ensure consistent branding, we worked with the team at Flarin to design and develop a new website. 

We brought across assets from the TV advertising throughout the website, along with new and informative blog posts.



While PPC and Social ads were bringing in traffic results, we also wanted to focus on organic SEO.

We put together a plan of blog posts that we publish regularly to the website, as well as optimising on and off-screen SEO.

Digital Strategy

Healthcare Pharma Medical

An optimised strategy across all digital channels


Our creative approach to social advertisements

We created unique advertisements depending on the audience. This allowed us to target and increase engagement effectively. 

Networks Used

The last year in


0 %

sessions to the site

Sessions to the Flarin website increased by 1375%

0 %

engagement rate

We achieved a monthly engagement rate of 10% (industry average 1.36%)


reach on social

We reached over 3 million people with social advertisements 


landing page clicks

We lead over 129,000 people to click through to our landing pages


over 1500 interactions per month

Every month we achieved on average 1500 interactions

0 %

increase in website visitors

Google ads, SEO and Social Ad campaigns increased web visitors by 1250%